Mario Kart Wii gets release date

It’s the war horse that’s kept our SNES dreams alive. And now the Wii incarnation of Mario Kart looks like it’s got a release date.

According to, you’ll be able to lay your Ninty loving hands on a copy from April 25th.

It’s the title we’ve been gasping for ever since the Wii first made its way in our front rooms at the rear end of 2006.

The game includes bikes for the first time, which give players even more flat out speed. There’s also access to a Mario Kart channel, letting you get involved with other players online.

There are 16 new tracks to race round, with another 16 remakes. Our pals at CVG have had a close up look at the game in action, and say it’s a beaut’.

For now, this release date remains speculation, but as soon as we get a firm timeframe, you’ll be the first to know.