Paramount heads to Xbox Live

With HD-DVD all but dead in the water, the Big M is going to need to turn its attentions to Video Marketplace in a big way. And it doesn’t get much bigger than getting Paramount on board for the online store.

The new deal will see us HD starved UK punters get Paramount flicks in standard and hi-def, costing the same price to rent as other films on the service: 250 points for you standard version, 380 for the HD one.

Movies in the initial round of releases include Transformers, A Mighty Heart and, er, 1408.

Okay, the selection is a bit pony at the moment, but it could be worse, right? You could have loads of obsolete HD-DVDs knocking around.

With iTunes bringing full-on movie rentals to the UK later this year, Microsoft is going to need to up its game when it comes to hi-def. still, more movies on Video Marketplace does keep us pretty happy. For now.