iPhone 1.1.4 imminent

Mr Jobs promised us the iPhone’s Software Development Kit before February was out. And with just ten days left it looks like we’ll be getting a new load of firmware on top of those 3rd party apps too.

According to trustworthy Apple source TUAW, the new firmware has been mentioned on a developer’s website. The site suggests Apple has brought them on board for some 3rd party action for 1.1.4 and that they’re no longer working on 1.1.3.

Alas, Apple’s had that site yanked off the web faster than Dwain Chambers at an indoor running track. It now redirects to Apple’s iPhone developer site. Hmmm.

This could all mean we’re set to see even more updates to the recently bulked up iPhone very soon. Seeing as Apple’s such a fan of Tuesday announcements, we’re keeping 26th February pencilled in.

More news as and when we get our greedy mits on it.