O2 preps mobile telly

Mobile telly is still a cottage industry here in Blighty. But O2 is pushing to change all that with a new made-for-mobile show heading to their punters’ phones tomorrow.

‘Cell’ (see what they’ve done there?) has been made with Endemol, the chaps who brought us good ol’ Big Brother, amongst other TV delights.

The plan is to release twenty episodes, each clocking in at an on-the-go friendly two minutes each. They’ll cost 50p or £3.50 for the lot.

Cell’s premise sounds like a disconcerting concoction of Prison Break and bleak Korean snuff flick Old Boy. It traces the parallel lives of a man who finds himself in a high security prison, not knowing how or why he got there.

We’re hoping the Old Boy comparisons end there. It’s not the kind of thing you want to be watching on the bus of a morning.

O2 punters just need to text Cell to 2020 tomorrow to get involved. Personally, we’d like to get more of this mobile telly type action. Weekly goal clips just aren’t doing it for us.