Boom Borda 2

Not quite but it does have a motor. This board addresses the twin troubles of our age- the desire for eco-friendliness and the need for an over weight populace to avoid exercise at all costs-by adding an electronic motor. Updated from the Boom Borda 1 its successor is lighter, faster and is a board that Marty McFly would be proud of.

Helping you parade or more than likely power down the street is the 600W brushless motor that pulls 3600rpm. Control how fast, or in our case how slow, you go with a pull on the handheld trigger controller. It’s a little touchy; we tapped a little too hard and the neighbours Begonia’s didn’t thank us.

Bursting to speeds of 30mph maximum it is a little nipper. You may want to nail your feet to it if you’re planning an Evil Knievel style trip. Oh, and you can’t reverse either, apparently you have to do some kind of kick flip, or nose grind double back face plant?

If you manage to take it out with all your limbs in tact, you’ll see the bod’ on the board has had a once over. Huge chunky tyres and alloy wheels encased in rubber mean the wheels don’t tend to wear down as easy as the first edition. You could skate to Anglesey. We doubt you’d make it back though.

Other nifty bits include the ABS style breaking (bit of an overkill on a skateboard), a spring loaded handle and a lighter frame. It still weighs the equivalent of an obese child though.