Aquavision’s all new waterproof telly rules

Like Homer Simpson, the thought of living under the sea has always appealed to us here at T3 Towers. It just seems a bit more, well, interesting.

Alas, it’s a pipe dream, but that doesn’t stop us taking a fancy to nifty water repellent gadgets like this monster Aquavision telly.

The 57-inch AVF 57-4LCD is a waterproof ‘in-wall’ telly, so you can park it at the end of the bath, stick in your ‘pool house’ or just slap it on your living room wall and splash booze at it.

Featuring two HDMI sockets, full HD and access for all your component, S-Video and scart needs, it’s everything you’d expect from a high end panel.

It also comes with a RS232 ‘control panel’, letting you sort out what you want to watch from anywhere in the home. All you need to do is park it in the wall outside the bathroom.

Cue the kids switching the channel to BBC News 24 while you’re trying to watch BabeStation in the shower. Beadle would be proud.

Elsewhere, you’ll find in-built games, just in case the PS3 or Xbox you’ve got wired up doesn’t take your fancy.

There’s no word on price, but we’re not imagining this’ll hit you for anything less than a high end Sony or Tosh telly. it for us.