PC World doling out free laptops

In spite of our pricey gadget obsession, we love a freebie here at T3 Towers. Which is why PC World’s offer of a gratis lappie has caught our eye.

You can lay your hands on an Advent PC when you sign on the dotted line for an 18-month 3 Mobile Broadband subscription. The deal will set you back £35 a month, and will tick along at 2.8Mbps, letting you snaffle 3GB of data on the move.

That works out at 100 hours surfing, 2000 emails, 200 tunes and a ton of two minute vids. And all without needing to get yourself into a WiFi hotspot first. Gawd bless 3G.

Free laptops include the Advent 9912, replete with 1GB memory, 80GB hard drive and Vista Home Premium.

Okay, it’s no MacBook Air, but if the low end stylings don’t tickle your fancy, you can eschew your free PC for a £350 discount on a slew of laptops.

That includes a Sony Vaio AR51J down to a stonking £499. Considering that packs in a Blu-Ray player, we reckon it’s a complete steal.

Elsewhere, you can snag lappies from Tosh and Packard Bell. For all the deals, head over to the PC World website.