Microsoft begins new round of Xbox Live bans

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Heads up, Xbox 360 tinkerers — it appears that Microsoft is bringing out the ban hammer once again. According to a thread on an Xbox-Scene forum, users are having their Live wrists slapped left, right, and center due to “bad discs” (i.e., non 1:1 copies of games). Initially, the problem seemed to be modified DVD firmware, but it now appears the cause is due to game data that isn’t properly copied, or has been “touched” in some manner. Keep in mind, these are console bans, as opposed to Live account bans, which is a minor amount of good news. The forums are abuzz with profane indictments of Microsoft and calls for heads on platters (okay, it’s not that bad) — but mostly everyone is just waiting to see where the next hit will come from. You’ve been warned, folks.


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