I-O Data reveals array of HDL-GS NAS drives

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I-O Data isn’t just worried about the longevity of your pocketable storage — oh no, it’s quite concerned with availability of data in your domicile, too. In an effort to ensure that every computer on your network has fair and unbridled access to external storage, the firm has unveiled a line of HDL-GS NAS drives that include 250GB, 320GB, 500GB and 1TB editions. Each LANDISK drive plays nice with Windows and OS X-based systems, touts an integrated USB port and includes a gigabit Ethernet jack, too. Beyond that, this crew is pretty run-of-the-mill, but you can pick one up to suit your needs in mid-December for ¥24,360 ($221), ¥26,565 ($241), ¥31,080 ($282) or ¥74,655 ($676), respectively.


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