Comcast to NFL Network: stop coaxing customers away… or else

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It’s no secret that Comcast and the NFL Network don’t have the rosiest of relationships, and now that Comcast won a ruling (that’s being appealed, to no one’s shock) over what tier the channel was being placed on, the carrier has shot out a cease and desist letter demanding the network stop persuading customers to switch providers. Reportedly, the note contends that the channel’s “violates the contract between the network and Comcast,” as it coaxes customers to ponder switching with a message reading “Switch to a TV provider that will bring you NFL Network, not hold you hostage.” The NFL Network has responded by stating that the arguments are “without merit,” and even proclaimed that users dropping Comcast “did not need encouragement from them.” Apparently, the cable operator is calling for the network to “confirm in writing” that it has halted its attempts to influence consumers by Friday, but a spokeswomen said she “didn’t want to speculate what the company would do if its demands were not met.” Ooh, that’ll show ’em.

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