5G iPod mod trades the hard drive for CF storage

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We’ve seen similar flash memory mods for various iterations of the iPod family, like Mark Hoekstra’s CF swap, which spans generations one through four, but unfortunately we have yet to see anyone take on the 5G video iPods… until now. One apparently bored and crafty gentleman who goes by the name Tarkan Akdam has successfully replaced his untrustworthy, archaic, mechanical hard drive with a substantially smaller 4GB CF card (we suppose what it lacks in storage is made up for in peace of mind). Apparently, it’s not so tough to find a compatible solution to go from the factory-installed Toshiba drive to an off-the-shelf chunk of flash memory — as long as you have a custom circuit board made and don’t mind soldering 0.5mm pitch connections. If you’re reaching for your mini-screwdriver set right now, hit the read link and learn the whole process.

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