Venturesome DIY’er building Futurama’s Bender

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Futurama fans (and Bender freaks in particular) may need to be sitting down when viewing this one, as we’re fairly certain you’ll be at least somewhat blown away by what lies ahead. On a whimsical request from a friend, a pioneering lad set out to not only create a lifelike rendition of Bender, but to “give it a brain” and make it brew beer (saywha?). Judging by his other endeavors, this won’t go down as the first alcohol-related project he’s undertaken, but he’s well on his way to creating what’s sure to be a fanboy’s dream. The creature is being constructed with an assortment of MDF, glue, polystyrene balls, fiberglass, paint, and all sorts of electronic internals, and while it’s not quite complete as of this writing, feel free to bookmark the read link and tag along as the process unfolds.


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