Olympus intros six new digital voice recorders

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Keepin’ things fresh in the digital voice recorder realm is Olympus, which just unveiled six new devices on the European frontier. The compact WS-311M and WS-321M units sport 512MB and 1GB (respectively) of internal memory for loading up music files when not playing back lecturers, boast USB 2.0 connectivity, and offer up six recording qualities to boot. The 256MB WS-110 and 512MB WS-210S simply double as a LCD-equipped USB flash drive when not tuning into voices, and the 256MB VN-4100 and VN-4100PC flavors throw in voice activation, four recording options, a built-in display, and a recording timer for good measure. Granted, the September launch dates keep them from being of any real value during the earlier parts of next semester, but be sure and click through to take a look at the rest of the family.

[Via Pocket-Lint]

Read – VN-4100 and VN-4100PC
Read – WS-110 and WS-210S
Read – WS-311M and WS-321M

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