Ballmer answers iPhone SDK questions, revisits Monkey Boy dance

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It’s always interesting to hear execs chime in on the competition following big announcements. So it’s no surprise to hear that Steve Ballmer was peppered with questions about the iPhone during yesterday’s Mix ’08 event with Guy Kawazaki. When asked about Silverlight — Microsoft’s attempt at usurping Adobe’s Flash — on the Flash-less iPhone, Ballmer said, “Silverlight for the iPhone is of course interesting,” adding, “I can’t say there’s been extensive discussion with Guy’s old boss.” He also wondered aloud about Apple possibly digging too deeply into developers pockets with its 30% share of application revenue. Ballmer said, “it’s a good business if you can make it.” A jab at Jobs’ claim that Apple doesn’t plan to make any money off the App Store. The highlight though came with Ballmer’s compliance to recreate his Monkey Boy Dance for Web Developers. Bill, we’re going to miss you.

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