High Def TV for your PC

Want to enjoy all the fun of High Def telly without having to fork out for a swanky Plasma? It looks like there might be a solution, in the form of the ASUS HDTV Suite-HDMI.

The analogue standalone TV box provides HD viewing at the highest video quality. All users have to do, if they so desire, is hook the box up to their PC monitors.

Housing a bucket-load of features – “Dynamic Deblocking”, “Flesh Tone Correction”, “Advanced 3D Comb” (anybody?) – the wonder box uses advanced hardware which means video playback is top notch.

The hardware removes the need for your PC monitor to feature an image-processing unit usually seen on top-of-the-range TVs.

No software add-ons are required and the box can also be used as a media centre, with connections for gaming consoles and DVD players.

We still don’t know if we’re that excited about sitting in front of our computers to watch a flick, but this sort of thing itches us that little bit closer to life at a desk.