Bug your missus with Stealth Cam clock radio

This is a motion-activated video recorder, tucked away inside a fully functioning radio alarm clock. The perfect way to catch your philandering partner in their dastardly act.

Of course, if you’re in a harmonious and trusting relationship – surely someone out there must be? – it can deployed as a homemade blue-movie recorder. You can even tune into late night love on the built-in radio as you get your groove on.

For all you non-pervs out there who’re actually more concerned with someone breaking in and stealing your porn collection, it’s an FBI-style surveillance camera that can snare thieving toe-rags with great aplomb.

The CCD camera is concealed within the front of the clock radio and contains an SD memory card for transferring covert operational footage onto your PC. The manufacturers – Spy Chest Inc – say this makes the files easily email-able to friends and family. It’s the ultimate revenge gadget and it’s yours for $399.00. Roger that?