Xbox Blu-Ray add on some way off

Now that HD-DVD has gone the way of Betamax, Gizmondo and, er, Brad Renfro, word of a Microsoft Blu-Ray player, to replace their red-corner model is getting rifer by the minute.

However, this morning they’ve distanced themselves from any developments, suggesting they’re keen to focus on gaming and not movies.

In a statement handed over to us at T3 Towers, the Big M said: “It is premature to speculate but we do know from market data that HD movie playback is not a primary purchase driver for consumers buying video game consoles. It continues to be games that drive purchase and that has consistently been a strong point for the Xbox 360 platform.”

This suggests to us that any in built drive is some way off, if it’s even coming at all. A bolt-on drive though can’t be discounted. Maybe this also suggests why Video Marketplace remains distinctly underwhelming affair.

As for the current, HD-DVD add-on, Microsoft say they’re waiting to hear from Toshiba before they make any specific plans. That’s to say, it’s doomed like the rest of the format.

With games remaining the 360’s prime concern, it looks like it’ll be left to Sony to create the ultimate gaming and movie hub.