BBC slaps shows on iTunes

Good old Auntie is really coming up trumps with this whole downloading telly thing. With iPlayer a rip roaring success, the BBC has just announced they’re sticking a ton of shows onto iTunes too.

You can head over to Apple’s online emporium now and download the likes of The Mighty Boosh, Little Britain and Life on Mars straight to your lappie.

The move means you can finally get the best of British onto your ‘Pod without having to fart around ripping DVDs or running the risk of increasingly dodgy BitTorrent sites.

The plan is to continually update the service, offering programmes after they’ve been made available via iPlayer. This means we’ll be able to take the delectable Keeley Hawes and Ashes to Ashes on the tube of a morning. Nice.

Apple and the Beeb are already said to be working on bringing a full version of iPlayer to Apple TV, but in the meantime this is a more than welcome addition to the current raft of trashy US shows available.

Shows will cost £1.89 a pop. This should hopefully tide us over until Apple gets it together to deliver a decent number of Stateside shows and movies onto the UK service.