Thompson Top Up TV+ 250GB

Top Up TV has been upgraded with more memory and a sleek new look. We played with the first version but does the upgrade in memory make us want to watch more of our big black box?

Setting up is simple: plug your aerial into your TV, plug the box into the wall and scan for channels. It’s fast and easy. We reckon your techno-phobe mum would whizz through it. Programmes are set up automatically so you can just plug and go. We managed to get a plethora of programmes including the standard terrestrial channels and the “I’m so bored I’ll watch anything” channels such as Living and Challenge. We all love a bit of Takeshi’s Castle.

Scrolling through channels is also a breeze, with a clear and simple TV guide, a planner for the hard core couch potatoes, and recording reminders. Recording on the other hand is a little bit fiddly. Even though you can snaffle two channels at once there’s no easy way to record your daily dose of ‘Enders whilst watching your Corrie.

Top Up TV does what its meant to do, even if you read the box upside down. The extra storage is useful, especially for film buffs and the Phil Mitchell/Harold Bishop/OB fans. We’re happy with the original storage but if you fancy having your weekend’s entertainment stored in a magical digital form then take a punt on this.