Orange and T Mobile team up for telly on the go

MWC has provided its fair share of big news so far this week. And things don’t look like slowing down, with Orange and T Mobile announcing they’re teaming up to bring mobile telly to London.

The pilot, which will kick off in the second half of this year, will see punters use phones tooled up with TDtv, tech which will allow them to receive 24 channels and ten digital radio stations.

TDtv uses the 3G spectrum, allowing networks to deliver multiple media services to all their customers at the same time. They say this will be ideal for serving up shows and events with big demand, such as the World Cup or Olympics.

The move comes after a similar trial in Bristol in 2006, although this time there’ll be more channels available.

T and Orange reckon that by using the existing 3G system, their pilot will conclude that there really is a demand for TV on the move.

In a joint statement, the mobile players said: “By providing more channels with higher picture quality that are fully integrated with existing multimedia services, the pilot service is expected to conclusively prove customer demand for mobile broadcast TV and radio services.”

No news on whether any other providers are lining up to get involved, but as soon as we know, you will too.