New Star Wars Lego: Video and exclusive pics

With the packaging on the latest Star Wars Lego range reading Ages 8-12, you can’t help but ponder the possibility of them underestimating their demographic.

Really, the combination of two such iconic childhood staples offers the nostalgic capacity to unlock that inner child and get to building with second Death Star-like haste.

Which is why were so excited to get a sneak peak of (as well as a good play with) the newest arrivals at the Toy Fair expo last week. We’re happy to report that our findings were impressive… most impressive.

The young Padawans arriving on the shelves this August will include the AT-TE Walker first featured in Attack of the Clones and the Clone Wars cartoons. There’s also the V19 Torrent Starfighter and the Republic Attack Gunship to enable you to wipe out those pesky separatist Battle ‘Droids with the minimum of fuss.

Available to buy now, however, is the pick of the bunch from the upcoming Force Unleashed video game series – which picks up the storyline slack between Episodes III and IV: Darth Vader’s Rogue Shadow fighter comes with a miniature helmet-less Darth figure and also his new as-yet-unnamed apprentice who hunts down the remaining Jedi with gusto.

*Hums John Williams composition*