Digitally stash every DVD you own

Storing away your ever-growing music and adult movie collection just isn’t a job for your PC any more. Let’s face it, there’s never enough space for lengthy Pink Floyd LPs and the entire Digital Playground back catalogue..

Which is why we love Escient Vision VS200. On the face of it, it’s just a huge 4 terabyte place to stick all your digital wares.

But on closer inspection, there’s a lot more going on. You can import DVDs legally, without any hassle. And we’re not just talking the movie alone. You can grab extra features, menus and tiresome outtakes, then pick and choose the ones you want.

The clincher though is the fact you can search your library on your PC by artwork just like Apple’s cover flow. You can also trawl the system by artists, genre and rating.

Escient brag that their baby can put away enough material to fill up 50 MacBook Airs. That’s a whole lot of space right there.

We’ve also had word to the wise from a reliable source that a firmware update will be coming later in the year, making it even easier to download HD flicks straight to the box. Rumour has it this will tie in nicely with Apple’s movie download service too.

Obviously, it’ll let you play CDs and DVDs, and it comes with 1080p upscaling for a spot of hi-def too. It makes Apple TV look like something made by Fisher Price.

Better get saving if you want one though. The VS200 will set you back a whacking £3,999 from Easter.