Fring unites VoIP rivals

Web savvy (read hopelessly addicted) punters, including our good selves, have got accounts on every IM service and VoIP network they can get their techie hands on these days.

Which is why we’re pretty bowled over by Fring, which unites all your accounts on your mobile, whether they’re trusty Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger or their very own VoIP brew.

It’s a free app that you can snag online, from the link down below, uniting all your contacts in one place and letting you see who’s online, what account they’re using and how strong the signal is where they are.

It all means you can make cheap calls using your cell, as long as your data charges aren’t exorbitant or you’re using WiFi.

Best of all though, you can fire over documents and images using P2P transfer rather than sluggish MMS. So it’s handy for high-powered business types too.

There’s support for some 450 blowers. You can check if yours is supported over on the official site, either by typing in the name or looking for an image of the model you’re packing.