Cheap MacBook Airs incoming

We were already pretty enamoured by 3 and PC World’s latest discount offering, giving users who sign up for the network’s mobile broadband £350 off a lappie.

Now though, it’s got even better, with the pair confirming that the MacBook Air is included in the deal. The discount is £250, so 100 nicker less than it could be, but it does bring Apple’s size zero newbie down to £1,050.

Although it makes the Air the deal’s flasgship gadget, although we still reckon the Vaio AR51J at £499 is a great deal and definitely not to be sniffed at. After all, it packs in a Blu-Ray drive and looks the business.

We’re hoping that PC World adds more lappies in the future. How about the imminent MacBook Pros guys?