N-Gage finally goes live

It was supposed to be sitting pretty on a slew of N series handsets at the rear end of last year. And now, after weeks of delay, N-Gage is finally good to go.

Nokia’s gaming platform is still only limited to the N81, but it is available to every Tom, Dick and Harry who happens to be packing one.

According to the chaps at NokNok, it’s still in the testing phase, but there are three titles available: Space Impact: Kappa Base, System Rush: Evolution and Hooked On: Creatures of the deep.

The latter clocks in at a rather weighty 28MB, which is sure to test the HSDPA on board.

You can grab yourself the games from the N-Gage First Access site, which you can get to by hitting the link down below.

Now come along Nokia, let’s see it rear its head on your other high end cells too.