disgo Video Plus

Beadle’s About and You’ve Been Framed, iconic television nuggets of the eighties which we swear led to peeps buying camcorders. How often did you whip out the old cammie at every birthday, wedding and nativity play vying for that all important crying Joseph or a drunk wise man? If only Beadle was here to see this the disgo video plus, we’d all be getting 250 smackers for our home videos.

The disgo Video Plus is as simple as a camcorder can get. It’s compact, so fits in your pocket or your bag. Switch on and you can start capturing your ‘rents doing the lindy hop or your gran the can-can. With a 1.5 inch flip out screen you can even record yourself miming along to any old song or those priceless You Tube moments for all you Micah Richards out there (anyone?).

Controls on the camcorder do look similar to those on a Fisher Price control car though, with a forward button, a back button and a big red one for recording.

Picture quality on the camera is average, but good enough for the web. With a measly 2x digital zoom we don’t think Spielberg will be quaking in his Indiana Jones boots. There’s 60 minutes recording time and an additional 4 hours recording available if you slap in a SD/MMC card. And with the inbuilt speaker, you can check that you’ve done your make up right before the big debut.

Now for the clever bit on this cammie. There’s no need for any software, no downloading no waiting for that status bar that says 4 seconds that means 5 minutes. Slip out the inbuilt USB arm (although we thought of another part of the anatomy), plug it into your computer and its all there.

Once you’ve plugged in you can view your vids, edit them and send them. The editing is as easy as the recording, but the number of changes is limited: the only edit you can actually do is crop the start and end of the video. We don’t know why either?

This cammie is a clever piece of kit, easy to use, simple controls and you can share you’re home videos quicker than Beadle could say “Next time the star of the show could be you”