New MacBook Pros imminent?

The Air only dropped onto our radar a couple of weeks back, but now it looks like Apple is readying another new laptop, this time an update of their top notch MacBook Pro.

According to the ultra-reliable MacRumors, US superstore giant Best Buy has got three new models sloshing about in its inventory tracking systems.

These new editions come in at the same price point as the current versions, suggesting that any changes would only be minor and not be cause for a big, Apple-style, fanfare.

We’re talking support for MultiTouch, already shown off in the Air, along with Intel’s Penryn. Considering the Pros got a refresh in the middle of last year, the lack of any major facelift is hardly surprising.

The story appears to be backed up by other dockets, specifically a battery log unearthed by our pals at Electric Pig, referring to a MacBook 4.1, rather than the current MacBook 3.1.

Date wise, Best Buy’s forms show a date of February 10th. That’s this Sunday. But with release dates aplenty flying about the blogosphere, we’re not expecting anything quite that soon.

As ever, we’ll bring you any news of any announcement as soon as it happens.