Extra PS3 storage is yours if you want

Sony is remaining coy about hefting the hard drive on the PS3, not to mention whether a slim version will drop later this year.

However, their man in Australia has suggested that if you want more space or stashing TV shows via PlayTV and the like, you may as well do it yourself.

Now, we’ve known we could do this for some time, but its pleasing to hear that the man is giving mod lovers the world over a chance to tinker.

According to our mates at CVG, Michael Ephraim told Aussie paper The Age that the hard drive was “non-proprietary” and that, “As we all know, the price of hard drive space is coming down. If we [make the drive bigger], fine, but if we don’t do it, the consumer will still have choice.”

Excuse us while we give our PS3 a lift and turn it into the proper home hub Sony should have dropped this time last year.