Archos TV+ heads for UK

Archos is taking square aim at Apple today, bringing their super slick TV+ streamer to the UK to kick some Apple TV ass.

It’s due to be officially unveiled here in Blighty on Wednesday, but we’ve managed to get a sneak preview of what we can expect.

Packing a massive 250GB into the top end model (with an 80GB edition also hitting the shelves), TV+ also includes a full web browser, something you won’t find on Steve Jobs’ so-called pet project.

Then there’s a full EPG for snaffling shows up to a week in advance, not to mention access to the Archos Content Portal, letting you download and rent movies or just watch the news if you fancy.

And then there’s the plain old streamer, letting you spy video you’ve got stashed away on your PC. Bear in mind everything will need to be encoded in MPEG4 and WMV though. You’ll have to buy plug-ins direct from Archos if you want to use more formats.

Music wise it’ll handle MP3s and AACs. And don’t forget you can beam over snaps too.

Elsewhere, you won’t find any HDMI ports, so hi-def isn’t nearly as fun as it could be. Still, with that much space and that many features, it’s not a terrible gripe.

The 250GB version will clobber you for £240, with the 80GB coming in at a mere £170.

We’ll be getting a full hands-on on Wednesday, so be sure to check back for full video and image gallery.