Sony drops affordable HD projector

Everyone fancies a piece of HD projector action. But unless your Roman Abramovich or one the fellas who’s got their hands on that £32 million snaffled from the Securitas robbery, getting one into your pad is as likely as Accrington Stanley winning the Premier League.

Sony, however, has swooped in with an all new ‘affordable’ picture spitter, the VPL-VW40. Chucking out Full 1920x1080p HD pictures onto screens up to 300-inches wide (that’s basically the side of your house), it includes Sony’s SXRD tech for recreating that cinema vibe, a Bravia Engine and a 15,000: 1 contrast ratio.

Okay, that ratio’s not even close to some of the beamers that we’re used to gawping at, but then this isn’t going to hit you for the best part of £20k.

It also has 24p True Cinema, supported on Blu-Ray decks and the PS3. All you need to do is shove in an HDMI cable into one of the two sockets and away you go.

Sony says the fan’s dead quiet too, at a mere 22db. Meaning you can watch the artier flicks in your collection without sound akin to a plane taking off in your front room ruining your enjoyment.

For now, there’s no official price, but it’s guaranteed to be far cheaper than the VW60. That’s a massive £3,500.