DS to become eReader

Nintendo financial reports don’t usually provide riveting reading entertainment. However, the Japanese firm’s latest number cruncher has thrown up an all new game, DS Novel.

According to our pals over at CVG, the new game is set to follow in the footsteps of best selling Far East title DS Bungaku Zenshuu, which came chock full of classic Japanese literature.

We reckon a British edition would include a spot of Dickens, some Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters and, er, Jilly Cooper.

If you ask us, the 3-inch screen on the DS is little weeny for that kind of behaviour, but if you don’t fancy buying books and the like, surely it’s a better alternative than spanking your cash on pricey eReaders.

Whether DS Novel is a hit remains to be seen. But considering Ninty is the king of turning bizarre ideas into multi-million pound industries, we wouldn’t be surprised.