Raw Food Diet – Day 20

Something very strange happened today. I was nearly out of produce, probably not even enough to last the rest of the day, so I definitely had to shop today. After a simple breakfast, Erin and the kids and I piled into the car to do our usual weekly shop. I turned the key to start the car and – dead battery. The headlights weren’t left on overnight or anything like that, and the headlights have an auto shutoff feature anyway. The car is only 21 months old and seemed to be working fine the previous day.

At this point I’m thinking, “Oh great… did I manifest this as a way of sabotaging my raw trial after what I wrote at the end of yesterday’s entry?”

Anyway… we get a jump start and a new car battery and do a big shop, but I felt differently about it this time. As I’m putting various fruits and vegetables into the shopping cart, it somehow seems wrong to me. On my previous shop, I was attracted to the vibrant, living energy of the produce. But on this shop I sense nothing but an empty void. Everything I buy feels lifeless and hollow. I feel no attraction to it at all.

Could I have been the one who was putting the energy there in the first place? Was I assigning some quality to that produce as a result of my assumptions and expectations?

When we got home, I made a smoothie. It felt like I was downing empty calories. I couldn’t perceive the life energy that should have been there. It filled my stomach but provided no satisfaction. It was just empty matter.

My physical and mental energy levels were fine the whole day — no problems there at all. But some kind of non-physical energy seemed to be stuck at zero the whole day and wouldn’t budge.

I stuck to the diet, but it seemed a pointless exercise. I was merely going through the motions. Whatever energy I was putting into this way of eating seems to have gone somewhere else.

I don’t know whether to label this a good day or bad day, so I won’t label it as either.

I didn’t have any greens today, partly because I ran out before the shop. I’ll be sure to include some tomorrow.

Weight Loss

My weight went back up 0.4 pounds to 178.8. Net weight loss is 7.2 pounds in 19 days.


4 Fuji apples (764g)

397 calories, 1g fat, 106g carb, 2g protein



  1. 2 mangos (402g)
  2. 2 clementines (200g)
  3. 2 tangelos (198g)

449 calories, 2g fat, 116g carb, 6g protein

There are 4 clementines in the photo, but after eating 2 of them, I swapped in 2 tangelos for the other 2 clementines.

Afternoon Snack

  1. raw walnuts (28g)
  2. smoothie: 3 bananas (358g), coconut water (375 ml), ice

574 calories, 20g fat, 100g carb, 11g protein

Most of the fat was from the walnuts. The coconut water (which I got directly from a coconut) had less than a gram of fat. That’s just an average figure for coconut water, since coconut water can vary in its fat content based on the age of the coconut.



1 small watermelon (880g)

264 calories, 1g fat, 66g carb, 5g protein

It tasted good but still seemed lifeless somehow.

Evening Snack

  1. okra (50g)
  2. cucumber (72g)
  3. 2 bananas (258g)

256 calories, 1g fat, 65g carb, 4g protein

Daily Summary

1940 calories, 25g fat, 453g carb, 28g protein

439mg sodium, 61g fiber, 318g sugar

11% of calories from fat, 5% from protein, 84% from carbs

I feel like Charlie Brown. Good grief! This experiment took a weird turn in the past 24 hours.

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