Suggestions for Future 30-Day Trials

Logging a complete 30-day trial such as my current raw food trial tends to hijack the blog for a while, but people seem to get a lot of value from these logs even if they have no interest in pursuing it themselves. Time permitting I may do more public 30-day trials in the future. It’s one thing to discuss ideas — directly implementing them is a whole different beast.

A few days ago, Erin and I tossed around some ideas, but none of them really struck me. So I thought I’d open it up to the whole community to ask for suggestions for future 30-day trials. What would you like to see me undertake and blog about in excruciating detail?

The main thing I’m looking for is something that will prove to be an interesting growth experience regardless of the final outcome as well as provide decent value to those who read it, especially something that will hold its value a decade from now.

My main constraint is that I have to really care about an idea before I can commit to a 30-day trial. For example, I’m totally apathetic about learning to play the piano, so that wouldn’t make for an exciting trial for me. I think it would also be pretty boring to read (or to listen to). Plus I already tried it once, and it felt very wrong, maybe because I’m left-handed.

At this point I’m open to all ideas, no matter how unusual or politically incorrect they may seem, since one idea can trigger many others.

Feel free to share your suggestions in the corresponding forum thread, or send them privately via the contact form. I prefer the forum posts, since then other people can express interest if they see something they like.

I’m scared now. :o

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