All-electric dragster sets electric vehicle quarter mile record

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The last time we saw a vehicle powered by high-power lithium-ion batteries, it was the crazy-fast KillaCycle, and it was lodged neatly inside a minivan after being too much for its owner to handle. Well, it looks like the same battery tech is behind another ridiculously fast ride, only this time it’s an actual drag racer driven by an actual race car driver, and it’s setting NHRA electric vehicle quarter-mile records: the Current Eliminator V, driven by Dennis “Kilowatt” Berube, beat the old record on Saturday by posting a quarter-mile time of 8.10 seconds at 153.6MPH at the Speedworld Motorplex strip in Tuscon. That’s somewhat behind the KillaCycle’s record of 7.82 seconds at 168MPH, but given the added weight of the car’s chassis and and problems we’ve seen others have with high-torque all-electric transmissions, it’s still pretty impressive.

[Via TG Daily]


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