“Sphericals” project takes DIY speakers to eye-catching new levels

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While the idea of DIY speakers may not strike most folks as the type of thing they’d want to show off in their living room, the so-called “Sphericals” project from Parts Express puts as much emphasis on form as on function, and should at least appeal to those with more adventuresome taste. For the latter part of the equation, Parts Express relied on standard off-the-shelf components (which they’ll gladly sell you), but for the former, they pulled parts from wherever they could get ’em, including steel tubing, some candle-making molds, and even the odd frying pan. Audiophiles will likely want to steer clear, however, as Parts Express only describes the speakers’ sound as “pretty good,” but the rest of you up for a challenge can find all the information you need to build your own by hitting up the read link below.

[Via Audio Junkies]


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