Olympus FE-300 gets reviewed

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While its smile-detection feature alone may be enough to entice some buyers, the folks at PhotographyBLOG decided to dig a little deeper into Olympus’ new FE-300, and they’ve now churned out a full review of the camera. That feature aside, however, it seems that the camera is a decidedly unimpressive affair, with it boasting some decent specs on paper that unfortunately don’t all add up to a top-notch camera. On the upside, the camera is apparently easy to use for novices, and it’s said to be “reasonably swift” in operation, but its overall image quality seems to leave quite a bit to be desired. As is often the case, things get particularly bad when you start to move up the ISO settings, with camera shake posing some problems as well. So, unless you’re really having trouble capturing the slightest of smiles on your subjects, it seems that you can likely do better elsewhere.


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