Sony unveils two new large-venue HD projectors, the VPL-FW300L and VPL-FH300L

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Sony dropped two new large-venue projectors today, the 7000-lumen VPL-FW300L and the 6000-lumen VPL-FH300L. Designed for larger applications like ballrooms, museums, large classrooms, event centers, and movie theaters, the FW300L sports a 1366 x 800 resolution while the FH300L goes up to 2048 x 1080. Both units are housed in the same round chassis that maximizes airflow while keeping fan noise down, and feature dual 275W lamps for both redundancy and reduced energy consumption. Sony says the target application for both models is pre-show advertising before movies in movie theaters, but we’re certain a least a couple of you are getting ready to drop the $27K (FW300L) or $40K (FH300L) to deck out your home theater.


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