Nintendo Wii and DS sales on Thanksgiving rampage — trumps own GBA record

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Nintendo of America just announced record sales of their DS and Wii gaming rigs. According to internal sales numbers, Thanksgiving week resulted in more than one million DS and Wii units sold. That’s one week, from Sunday, November 18 through Saturday, November 24th and breaks down to more than 653,000 DS units and another 350,000 Wiis. The previous all-time Thanksgiving week sales record was held by the Game Boy Advance in 2005 with sales of 600k at the time. Nintendo also said that Wii sales are on track to hit 17.5 million before March 31, 2008. Now, for those of you saying that Nintendo is purposely limiting production to drive up demand, Reggie has this for you, “A shortage benefits no one, we’re disappointed. This was all about how we didn’t accurately estimate demand. We need to be more bullish about the potential for the Wii.” Come on Reg, you’re only just now figuring this out?


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