Rock Band crashes at our pad

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Fender Strat: check. Logitech USB mic with Rock Band logo: check. Totally 80s Simmons-style drum-pad kit that Duran Duran might have used: check. Crappiest USB hub known to man: double check.

So yeah, we got our Rock Band kit today, and we’re about to go test it out. In the mean time beware: the box is huge and it’s filled to the brim. Actually, let’s be a little more clear: we hope you have a rumpus room because the drum kit and a single Fender are friggin huge. We wouldn’t exactly say the game has its own no-brown-M&Ms rider or anything, but if you’re like us and already have a GH3 Les Paul and two GH2 Xplorers you’re trying to hide behind the curtains, this one’s not going to be very easy to get past your spouse (or their quickly waning patience level).

Gallery: Rock Band crashes at our pad


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