Astucia SolarLite LED studs light up highways after dark

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A number of UK roads are lookin’ a lot brighter now, and it’s all thanks to the SolarLite smart stud. Produced and marketed by Astucia, these active markers trump the traditional passive reflectors by storing up solar energy all day and then emitting light from dust ’til dawn in order to improve visibility from around 90-meters to 900-meters. The LED-based units reportedly extend driver reaction time from 3.2-seconds to over half a minute when cruising at 60mph, have an expected lifespan of eight to ten years and are said to have reduced night time accidents in certain areas by over 70-percent. Unfortunately, we’ve no idea when (or if) these things will show up on roads in other nations, but this would sure beat toggling one’s brights off and on to get a better look ahead while simultaneously infuriating oncoming motorists.

[Via Autoblog]


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