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We’ve already seen Laptop Mag’s breathless review of Asus’ diminutive Eee PC, but now that the thing is finally trickling out to the masses, it’s time to check in with the best of the rest — and it seems like the tiny wonder is living up to all that advance hype. CNET UK found the Eee to be “stonking value for money,” complaining only that the keyboard is slightly cramped — an overall sentiment echoed by PC Magazine, which called the little bugger a “tremendous bargain for people with general-purpose computing needs who don’t plan on running any sophisticated software.” TrustedReviews was even more positive, saying the keyboard is fine and that the Eee is overall “refreshingly innovative and scandalously cheap.” On top of all this praise, NotebookReview has already started hacking away at the Eee and characterized their experiences as demonstrating a “ton of potential.” Cheap, fun, and versatile: it certainly seems like Asus has a winner on its hands here — now if only they’d ship a few more of ’em.

Read — CNET (7.5 out of 10: “… a near perfect choice for a highly portable second or backup laptop.”)
Read — PC Magazine (4 out of 5: “Ample software and a substantial feature set that’s well worth the money”)
Read — TrustedReviews (9 out of 10: “The natural successor to likes of the Psion Series 5 and netBook.”
Read — NotebookReview Eee PC Tweak Guide (“This little machine was as powerful as notebooks four to five times its price.”)

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