Best Buy offers the Toshiba HD-A2 for $100, too, and other HD DVD deals

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Wal-Mart may have been the first to tempt HD-fence-sitters with a $100 HD-A2 player (however limited), but it looks like it’s not the only one, with Best Buy now also listing the very same player for the impulse buy-inducing price of $99.99. Of course, it’s sold out online, so you may be better off trying your luck at your local store. Not surprisingly, the HD DVD PR folk are keen to talk up this recent spat of price reductions, including the still decent $197 price for the A2 at Circuit City and Amazon, and Sears’s Black Friday price of $169 for the newer HD-A3 model, which also comes with two movies bundled in the box (not to mention the five free mail-in movies available with the purchase of any of the players).

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