Last chance to help Engadget Energize Education in the DonorsChoose blogger challenge!

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You’ve already heard our impassioned plea; we won’t go over that again. You know all the details of the challenge; we’re not going to rehash them here. This is just a quick heads up that today is your last chance to contribute to the Engadget Energizes Education charity drive on, as well as a gentle reminder that we’re still far from our goal. Forty-nine generous souls have banded together to donate almost $6,800 as of this writing, funding a variety of projects that will impact over one thousand disadvantaged public school children. But our goal is $25,000, meaning that as it stands, thousands of additional students will go without the critical technology they need to start life on an even playing field. Please, do whatever you can to help this worthy cause reach as many young lives as possible. Thanks for your time, and your selflessness.

Update: The challenge has been extended by 24 hours, although we’re sure you’ll be rushing to click the link below anyway…


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