Even more HP iPAQs getting delayed?

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Those waiting in tense anticipation for any of HP’s iPAQs could be twiddling their thumbs even longer. Amidst the recent delays (and subsequent clarifications) of the 110 and 210 comes news that a whole slew of the devices will not be shipping on time. Reportedly, HP Austria has confirmed to TamsPPC that the 110 won’t arrive until early next month, while the 200 series won’t land until January of next year. It gets worse — the 614 / 614c Business Navigator is purportedly delayed until next February, and the 914 / 914c isn’t set to arrive until the cows come home May of 2008. As for the 314, you can still expect it by the end of next month. Granted, we can’t confirm that Austria-based delays will necessarily affect America and the rest of the globe, but it certainly isn’t confidence instilling news, regardless.


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