Leopard: will it blend?

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It’s not enough to have your Leopard questions answered, to hear all about what the new system is like, or to know that it’ll run on your nearly decade-old Mac. Now it’s time for the Mac fanboys and Apple early adopters to put the latest version of OS X to the test. We want to know, will it blend? In other words:

  • Is your software still compatible?
  • Do all of your peripherals still function perfectly? And system hardware?
  • How’s it playing with Windows boxes on your network?
  • Did you encounter any problems installing / upgrading?
  • What kinds of bugs are you seeing?

Go ahead, cry into the comfy pillow that is our comments. Tell us what’s not working so that others may benefit from your knowledge. We’re all here for you. Us? Well, already we’ve had to give up a few applications that weren’t compatible (RapidoWrite and Onyx, to name a couple), and we’ve seen Time Machine crash enough to give Doc Brown an aneurysm, but how are things on your end?

P.S. -PCs, please sit this one out. The Macs are on a mission, and you already had your chance to whine with your brethren in a (relatively) fanboy-free environment.


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