Ask Engadget: What’s the best gadgetry South Korea has to offer?

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Last week’s question about HDTV opinions was a bit loaded, so we’re going to take it down a notch for this week’s Ask Engadget. Of course, there’s always room for controversy next week, so be sure to send in your questions to ask at engadget dawt com. This week’s feel-good query comes from Chad:

“As any reader of Engadget knows, the coolest stuff tends to always be stuck in Korea (or somewhere equally far away from Chicago). Luck has it though that I am going on assignment to Seoul in a few weeks and I was wondering… If given the chance to go to the Gadget Holy Land (Korea), what would you pick up? Also, if there are any Koreans reading this, where in / near Seoul should I go to procure these gadgets?”

Chad seems to have an enviable dilemma. With the endless quantity of South Korean gadgetry that’s paraded across this site in recent years, anything particularly choice stick out? We’re kind of partial to those 7-inch DMB / GPS / PMP units that transform into police bots at night and fight crime in the city streets, but that’s just us.


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