LG’s KU990 “Viewty” now available in Europe

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You’ve waited oh-so-patiently for LG’s Viewty to land, and you’ve even tried to subdue your anxiety by combing over a glowing review, so feel free to cut loose now that the KU990 is finally available. Yep, starting today users can snatch up the mobile in “major European countries” for a still unannounced price, but we’re willing to bet you’ll pony up for all the joy that touchscreen, five-megapixel camera, DivX support, TV out and HSDPA will bring. Unfortunately, LG fails to mention any specific carriers in its release, but we’d assume Vodafone (and potentially Orange in the not-too-distant future) will be picking it up in their respective regions.

UPDATE: A couple of folks in comments have mentioned that the Viewty is a go on O2.


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