LG shows off G Platform plasmas with 30000:1 contrast ratio

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If a 20.8-inch QXGA LCD was just enough to get your HD juices a-flowin’, LG’s latest bunch should really get you wound up. On display at FPD International 2007 in Japan, these “G Platform” plasmas claim to trump any other PDPs in the contrast department, as every one of them features a 30,000:1 ratio. Additionally, the company noted that color reproduction has been improved by “optimizing the panels’ color phosphors and utilizing dielectrics,” and there’s also the 100Hz refresh rate to eliminate blur / flicker. Reportedly, the displays will be available in Q4 of this year in 32-, 42-, 50- (HD) and 50- / 60-inch (Full HD) models, but your guess is as good as ours when it comes to pricing.

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