Palm announces Garmin-powered GPS Navigator

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While Palm has worked with Garmin in the past on a few iQues, it’s so far relied solely on TomTom to provide the GPS software for its own hardware like its various GPS Navigators (pictured at right). That now looks about to change, however, with the company today announcing that it’ll soon start shipping a GPS Navigator equipped with Garmin’s recently-announced Mobile XT software. When paired with the Palm smartphone of your choice, that’ll not only give you turn-by-turn, voice-prompted directions, but traffic information, fuel prices, hotel prices and weather forecasts courtesy of Garmin’s online service, which comes at no added cost. Otherwise, the device appears to be unchanged from its previous TomTom incarnation which, incidentally, is still available from Palm (at least for the time being). Those willing to wait for the Gamin version, however, can expect drop $249 for it when it hits the US and Canada in late November.


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