NuVision sues Panasonic for trademark infringement

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Although the casual HDTV fan may not be entirely familiar with NuVision’s “High Definition Living” trademark, a recently filed lawsuit is likely to bring you up to speed. The Arizona-based display maker purports that its slogan has been in use since the company’s inception in 2005, and now that it has finally received registration of the mark this month, it’s targeting Panasonic for infringement. If you’ll recall, Panny launched its “Living in High Definition” program earlier this year, which NuVision has taken serious issue with. According to its CEO, Panasonic has “knowingly and willfully infringed upon its mark,” and another company exec even stated that the alleged culprit “believes that it is so large that the law does not apply to it and that it can copy [NuVision’s] trademark with impunity.” And considering that the aforementioned program is slated to run until March of next year, we highly doubt Panasonic is anxious to just ditch the slogan and move on.


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